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There's Chaos At The Zoo, But What Happened,

Where, And When?

Speed Of Thought

Visual Perception

Zooligans Box
Zooligans Content

There’s Chaos At The Zoo, But What Happened, Where And When?

The zoo closes at 6 pm. However, every evening, several of the animals manage to escape from their enclosure and start causing chaos.

The zookeepers have hired you, an animal detective, to gather clues and determine which animal is responsible for each part of the chaos, as well as where and when. Your task is to use the clues, together with logical deduction, and work out exactly what happened after closing time.

You can work alone, or you can form your own team of detectives and work together. There are 60 multi-level challenges to complete.

Use your detective skills to unravel each of these chaotic conundrums and sort out the chaos caused by the Zooligans!

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