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Challenge Different Thinking Skills In

This Outstanding Board Game!

Thought Exchange is a superb game that will really challenge your thinking skills! The aim of the game is to be the first player to reach your destination solving the puzzles as you go.


Your playing piece will always be on a spot on one of the route 'lines' and each line has a category of thinking challenges associated with it. To win the game you will need to conquer the challenges on several different 'lines':


On The Sequence Line - Continue or complete the sequences based on the information in front of you!


On The Code Line - Crack the cryptic codes!


On The Process Line - Process the information at speed and then use it to make logical deductions!


On The Memory Line - Process the information... and then try and recall what you've heard!


On The Perception Line - Remember what you've seen and where you've seen it!


On The Lateral Line - Key your mind into the subject and name everything that you can associated with that subject!


You certainly do not need to be a genius to win the game. Rather, the challenges will really require you to think at speed!

Visual Perception

Code Breaking


Lateral Thinking

Logical Deduction



Strategic Planning

Speed Of Thought

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