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Roll The Dice & Race Your Opponent

To Complete The Square!

A worthy winner of the HPC Game Of The Year 2018/19 award, this outstanding puzzle game is every bit as clever as its name suggests.


Each player receives their own 6x6 grid and a set of the nine different shapes, plus seven ‘blocker’ pieces. Roll the seven dice together and place a blocker in each of the co-ordinates that appear on the faces. Now race to fill every other space on the grid, before your opponent.

As unlikely as it seems, the puzzles really can be solved in each of the 62,208 possible combinations, often with multiple solutions. Sometimes you’ll quickly see a solution... sometimes you’ll be tearing your hair out. Brilliant!


We're delighted to announce that The Genius Square has won the Product Of The Year Award for 2020 in Australia!

Strategic Planning

Speed Of Thought

Spatial Awareness


Visual Perception

The Genius Square Box
2020 Product of the Year
The Genius Square Contents
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