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The Genius Collection

The Genius Square, The Happy Puzzles best seller for 2 years running now, is the first of the 3 games of the Genius Collection. The Genius Square was invented by Salim from Algeria in 2019.

In 2020 The Happy Puzzle Company released 2 more games, creating The Genius Collection, The Genius Star and Bee Genius. The Genius Star acts as a level up from the original Square, as the pieces are triangular and therefore only have 3 sides where pieces could be fitted to complete the new star shaped board.

Finally, Bee Genius. This module was invented for the younger fans of the genius games and to act more as a skill developer for the children. Practicing spatial awareness and strategic planning while playing a fun filled, colourful eye catching game, the children aren't even aware they are learning through all of the excitement and fun.


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