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Race Against Your Opponents To

Recreate The Images!

Pandemonium is an extraordinary family game, brilliantly conceived and incredibly simple. To win, you will need to think at speed whilst distinguishing between shapes, colours and orientations.

Each player or team starts with their own set of six tiles and 24 coloured shape pieces. Randomly choose one of the 60 challenge cards and race against your opponent(s) to recreate the image on the card. That’s where the fun starts. Shapes may look similar, but actually they’re different... or are they? Each of the tiles can be positioned either way up or in any rotation and the interlocking notches on the side will confuse you further. It all looks incredibly easy... until you try to complete the challenge at speed! Here’s just one tip to help you win the game; whatever you do... don’t panic!

Fine Motor Skills


Spatial Awareness

Speed Of Thought

Strategic Planning

Visual Perception

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