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High Quality 150-Piece Jigsaw With

25 Vertical Landmark Pieces!

Welcome to Jigraphy Landmarks of the UK and Ireland! It’s a 150 piece jigsaw, a 3D challenge and a wonderful source of information! On the map you’ll find visual clues to 96 famous landmarksin seven categories; National Parks and Places of Beauty, Historic and Tourist Attractions, Sports Venues, Castles and Palaces, Bridges, Botanical Gardens, Museums and Cultural Venues.

Use your own knowledge to assemble the puzzle and identify the landmarks, or use the enclosed information booklet to help you. 25 of the landmarks also feature on information cards which slot vertically into mounts that lock onto the finished 150 piece puzzle, whilst key facts about all 96 landmarks can be found inside the booklet.


It’s a fabulous challenge for the whole family to enjoy!

Visual Perception


Strategic Planning

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